This is a very powerful image of Darla for me. This was the first time I tried to photograph her and I realized she had a severe reaction to cameras. It broke my heart to think I was causing her distress. But Gloria, the foundation director, asked me not to give up on her. So, I have spent several hours with her now trying to let her get used to me and my camera. Her story is heartbreaking and is featured in the upcoming documentary, Maximum Tolerated Dose.



See the above article for some great photos of Gibraltar macaques. The little guy was definitely confident as most monkeys strongly prefer not to be looked at in the eyes. It is always a challenge taking photos of our little Darla, a rhesus macaque who was captured in the wild and then used in research laboratories. She does not enjoy the attention of a lens being pointed in her direction!  (www.faunafoundation.com)

what was she shocked?

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I live in Japan. I love photo.
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