From Lately, sunspot 1109 has been attracting the attention of sunset sky watchers. When the sun is dimmed by haze and low clouds, the behemoth spot can be seen and photographed as a dark mark on the solar disk. Yesterday evening in San Francisco, the spot got even bigger when it was stretched and distorted by a lovely sunset mirage.

Mila Zinkova took the picture overlooking San Francisco Bay. “The sun and sunspot 1109 were constantly changing shape as the sun set,” says Zinkova. “It was wonderful. A small green flash at the end added nicely to the mood.” Click here to view the complete sunset sequence.

Sunspot 1109, which stretches more than 100,000 km from end to end, is slowly growing as it transits the solar disk. The forecast calls for another week of sunset sunsets before the region disappears over the sun’s western limb.

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I live in Japan. I love photo.
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